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Chair: Dan Ballnik
Vice-Chair: Bill Craig
Statewide Pubic Advisory Council (SPAC) Representative: Bill Craig
Area of Concern Coordinator: Jennifer Tewkesbury


NEW Items:

Potential Project Template (Rouge River Watershed)
Eat Safe Fish in AOCs
Eat Safe Fish Guide
Eat Safe Fish Sign for the Rouge River

Michigan Water Strategy, MDEQ

Rouge AOC Habitat Project List:

Summary Status of Remaining Funding Requied for Habitat Project List (April 2021)

Project Descriptions (as of 4/2021):

2/26/16 Letter to MDEQ with Final Habitat Project List needed to remove the habitat BUIs

DRAFT Habitat Project List detailed descriptions as of February 26, 2016 (note these are working drafts and will be finalized in the months ahead)

Rouge RAP Updates:

2004 Rouge River Remedial Action Plan Revision

1998 Rouge RAP Update

1994 Rouge RAP Update

1992 Rouge RAP Update

1990 Rouge RAP Update

Rouge River Report Cards:

2013 Rouge River Report Card

2005 Rouge River Report Card

1999 Rouge River Report Card

RRAC Handouts:

The Rouge River Remedial Action Plan Tri-fold

AOC Documents:

Rouge River Watershed Amphibian Assessment (7/6/15)

Rouge River Area Of Concern Fish Tumor or Other Deformity Investigation (2013)

Upper Rouge Delisting Strategy (May 2012)

Rouge River AOC BUI Delisting Strategy Report (May 2012)

Delisting Targets for Fish & Wildlife Habitat & Population Beneficial Use Impairments for the Rouge River Area of Concern (Dec. 2008)

Frequently Asked Questions about Michigan’s Great Lakes Areas of Concern Program

Guidance for Delisting Michigan’s Great Lakes Areas of Concern

Restoring United States Areas of Concern: Delisting Principles and Guidelines, USEPA

Office of the Great Lakes, Areas of Concern Program Michigan Department of Environmental Quality Statewide Aesthetics Assessment Findings for Impaired AOCs

The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality Biennial Remedial Action Plan Update for the Rouge River Area of Concern

AOE Eat Safe Fish Fact Sheet

Other Reports

State of Michigan Department of Natural Resources Rouge River Assessment (Sept. 1998)

Great Lakes Restoration at Work in Michigan

Total Maximum Daily Load for Biota for the River Rouge Watershed, Including Bishop and Tonquish Creeks Washtenaw, Wayne, and Oakland Counties

Total Maximum Daily Load for E. coli for the Rouge River Wayne and Oakland Counties, Michigan

Total Maximum Daily Load for Dissolved Oxygen for Johnson Creek Wayne and Washtenaw Counties

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