ARC - Land Cover RFP

The Alliance of Rouge Communities solicited proposals to provide services for land cover mapping in the Rouge River Watershed. This project will establish the baseline green infrastructure and update the impervious surfaces GIS data coverage’s for use in evaluating the long-term success/impacts of watershed protection and restoration activities. The proposal package must address the company’s ability to provide the following services:

  • A current inventory of the Rouge River Watershed (466 sq mi) land cover and a means of monitoring change with time for responsible watershed and land use planning and evaluation of efforts implemented.
  • Measuring current conditions and how they are changing can easily be achieved through a land cover classification, which quantifies the current land cover in a series of thematic categories.
  • Using remotely sensed imagery and semiautomated classification methods provides a cost-effective and accurate means to derive this information and maintain its currency.

View the evaluation, bid tab, and overall ranking information from the proposals received. Sanborn and Michigan Tech Research Institute were selected to proceed through the interview process and a final recommentation will be made to the ARC Executive Committee on April 22, 2009.