ARC Committees

The ARC’s structure requires a full membership meeting at least twice each year. Election of officers, adoption of the annual budget and assessments to communities, major policy issues, as well as any other formal action is reserved for the full membership meetings. The ARC takes formal actions based upon a majority vote of its members unless there is a call for a voting of member shares. The voting shares are directly proportional to the annual assessments. The Alliance elects three officers (i.e., Chair, Vice Chair, and Treasurer) from among its community members for two-year terms. The three officers, representatives of each county, and elected representatives from each the seven subwatershed groups comprise the ARC Executive Committee that oversees the day to day operations between the meetings of the full Alliance . In addition, the chairs and vice chairs of the standing committees (i.e., Finance, Public Involvement /Education (PIE), Technical) are appointed by the three officers. Standing committee membership is available to all members. The members and chair(s) of the Organizational Committee are subject to approval by the full ARC and this committee examines and recommends organizational and policies including consideration of new public agency members and the designation of non-voting ARC Cooperating Partners.